Week 8





  • Print out fronts of the pyramid boxes
  • Five snack bags full of Fruit Loops
  • Put the list of fruits on words strip; see Section X.
  • Treats for the winning team, or double for the winners, single for the ones that lose.
  • Print quarter notes on 8 ½ x 11 papers. You should have four separate papers.  Laminate.  See Section X. (ART CD)
  • Purchase 6 poster boards 11 x 14 --- put fronts on them ART CD
  • Organize pyramid on white board as shown below.
  • Large Blanket
  • Sign that says “SHOUT” ART CD


 Print out “words” to be used in the game and put them behind each appropriate pyramid box.

I  Explanation of the Day

  • After dividing into team’s A and B (or 1 and 2), explain that behind these “boxes” are two different lists.  The first list will be given to two people chosen from Team A. (They may be chosen from the “sticks” or from the team members themselves.) The list will be words from that song of the sections that we have already learned.  The two students (alternating turns) will try to get you to say those words.  Each word that your team guesses will be worth $10.  At the end of the list is a phrase from that song.  The two team leaders will read you the phrase and your entire team must get up and do the actions for that phrase.  If it is correct, you will receive an additional $20.  They will be given two minutes to complete the above task.  Team B will watch.
  • Following Team A’s efforts, the teacher will teach the NEW section (if applicable) to that same song. 
  • Team B will then choose two members to come up in front of them and a new list will be given to those two students who will alternately try and get team B to say those words.  These words will be from the same song, but  COULD be from the new section that has just been taught by the teacher OR another section that needs to be reviewed.  At the end of the list will also be a phrase that has just been taught/reviewed and the entire team must stand up and show the actions to the new/different phrase.  The words will still be worth $10 and the phrase will still be worth $20. At the end of the song sections, all students must stand in good stage presence and do the entire number. 
  • IMPORTANT: Tell your students who are the “giver” of the following words that they do NOT have to associate the word with the song..ie.  For the word “truth” they might give a clue saying “I don’t lie, I tell the . . . .  or for the word “hand” they might say “ Not my foot, but my ….” etc
  • Two “Down Time” activities will be held in between pyramid boxes:

1)      Spotlight/Talent

2)      What Loop is this fruit?

  • At the end of the day, if they have enough money to “buy” their treat, it is theirs!  The teacher will decide how much money they need based on what the treat is!  Each team could end up with different treats or the winning team could get treats and the losing team gets nothing.  OR the winning team could get double the treats and the losing team only single.  YOU decide!

II  Warm-ups

  • Tell students that with pyramids you always have to have the bottom FIRST or it would fall down.  Draw on the board the word “Do” and explain that this is the bottom of the chord.  Have a third of the class sing “Do”. 
  • Then, tell them that the top of the pyramid is “sol” and the middle is “Mi”.  Assign the next section of the class sing “mi” (one third higher) and the next section to sing “sol” (a fifth up from do).
  • Now start with the first section and have them HOLD Do while you go on and have the Mi section HOLD mi, and then going on, have the sol section HOLD sol.  Now you have established a nice triad that they can hear.
  • For a more advanced class, I have then invited two or three students up from each section and had them “build the chord” with only two or three on their part.  Then, I would drop down to one on a part.  The kids love doing this!

III Songs! New Material

Shine Your Way

  1. Bring a big blanket.  Stand on a stool chair or bench and have a student or student teacher stand on a stool, chair or bench opposite you.  You both hold up the blanket so it divides the room in half.  Half of the students are on one side of the blanket and the other half on the other side.  The kids step slightly away from the blanket, but FACE the blanket.   Point to a child on the left side and point to a child on the right side.  Those 2 students stand RIGHT in front of the blanket.  Teacher, sing:   Anytime, anywhere, turn around and I’ll be there to shine, shine your way


  1. On the word “WAY” lower the blanket.  There will be 2 KIDS now facing each other!!  See who can call out the others name first. 

2.  Now do the same with the sentence  Like a star burning bright, lighting up the darkest night, I’ll shine shine your way

 3.  Repeat each several times so they can hear the words several times.


 1. NEVER yell at your parents!  Sometimes you might WANT to, but I am telling you :  Do NOT.  However, to get it out of your system, I am going to dress up as your mother today and you MAY SHOUT at ME today in her place.  But only today.  (put on hat, glasses, lipstick, bathrobe, a curler in  your hair – whatever)  OR   have a student get in this costume.

2.  YOU sing the sentences and THEY say “Shout”     (point to them when it is time to say SHOUT or lift a sign that says SHOUT)


You know you make me wanna SHOUT

Kick my heels up and SHOUT
Throw my hands up and SHOUT

Throw my head aback and SHOUT

Come on now SHOUT

Take it easy SHOUT
Take it easy SHOUT

Take it easy


What Does the Farmer Say?


What does the farmer say?

Yum Yum Yum Yum…FEED  Yum Yum Yum …FEED

Yum Yum Yum Yum…FEED


IV Pyramids!

 1.    Pyramid Box #1:  Shine Your Way

     Team A:  Review

(An example is posted below of IDEAS for  clues..the rest of the songs will be up to the students!)

Time ( the clock on the wall will tell us   the….)

Walk ( I’m not going to run, this is a slow way to run….it’s called….)

Run ( I am going to walk really, really fast—or  not walk but ...)

Today (not tomorrow or yesterday)

Morning (When I wake up, it’s…)

 Action Phrase: Morning is breaking, Darkness is fading,                           


Team B:  Review


Found ( this was lost but now it is …)

Light (not dark, but…)

Tears (This is something watery that runs down your cheeks when you are very sad)

Sun   (this is a big yellow ball in the sky..)

Fly (If we all had wings we would  all be able to….)  

 Action Phrase:  We found a way to the light, It's such a beautiful sight 

  • Sing entire number!


V  Roll Call

 VI More Songs!

 1.  Pyramid Box # 2:  “50’s part 1”


Team B:  Review






Action Phrase:  Tutti frutti, oh Rudy…Tutti frutti, oh Rudy….Tutti    

                            frutti, oh Rudy

 Team A:  Review






Action Phrase:  Una poca de gracia para m para t y arriba y arriba

  • Sing entire number!


VII Pyramid Box #3:  Can You Feel It?

Team A:  Review






  • Action Phrase: You're so electric, I’m affected and I just can't hide

Team B:  Review






  • Action Phrase:  Movin' faster, stronger, harder
  • Sing entire number!


VIII More Songs . . .

  1. A.  Pyramid # 4: Fill’er UP

Team B:  Review                                       






  • Action Phrase:  Show the cup sequence


 Team A:  Review






Action Phrase:  Show the cup sequence

  • Sing entire number!


IX   Spotlight/Talent

 X Pyramid #5:  What Does the Farmer Say?

Team  A:  Review 






  • Action Phrase:  Work work work work work work work.. 


Team B:  Review






Action Phrase:  Cut cut cut cut

  • Sing entire number!

X  Down Time Activity:  What Loop is this fruit?

  1. Put posters of the one quarter note, two quarter notes, three quarter notes and four quarter notes all on the board leaving ample room beneath them to put wordstrips.
  2. Put the wordstrips with the following words around the room randomly or ABOVE the “notes”.  Do not put them below the posters.
    1. Strawberries
    2. Banana
    3. Apple
    4. Orange
    5. Mango
    6. Blueberries
    7. Raspberries
    8. Grapes
    9. Apricots
    10. Cherry
    11. Grapefruit
    12. Kiwi
    13. Lemon
    14. Lime
    15. Watermelon
    16. Cantaloupe
    17. Pomegranate
    18. Plum
    19. With the students, clap the rhythms on the different posters. i.e.  One quarter note:  one clap.  Two quarter notes:  two even claps, etc.  Then ask them to clap with you the words as you say the different types of fruit. . . i.e. Lime would be ONE clap.  Watermelon would be four claps, etc.
    20. Have five students come up to the front.  Tell them you will give them each a bag of fruit loops if they can put all these fruits under the correct notes in under two minutes.  Correct.  Reward 
      XI Pyramid #6:  50’s Pt. 2 (Combine teams)

 Team A & B Review:






Action Phrase:  Let's go to the hop…Let's go to the hop (oh baby)

Sing entire number!


XIII End of the Day!

  • Determine the points and reward accordingly.