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TaVaci is committed to the growth and development of children. We know…it sounds like serious business but it’s actually fun!  The kids don’t even know they are learning invaluable life skills.  We’re sneaky like that.

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Stage Presence

Our definition of “Stage Presence” is to actually be comfortable with self in front of ANY audience! Our students know that to have Stage Presence means to display and use self-control that displays their individuality with ease!


The music is all around us, all you have to do is listen”. - August Rush

Rhythm is everywhere and EVERYONE loves a beat! We teach them to listen, learn and do!

Vocal Performance

Sing it right! Right from the heart! TaVaci Directors teach correct vocal skills as well as projection, diction and clarity in speaking. Coveted skills for communication!


Using FUN theatre curriculum, students discover how to use body language, facial expressions, spontaneous creative thinking, communication and many other life skills.

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